How to fit running into your busy schedule

A to do list with "Run" at the bottom, next to some running shoes

5 ways to find the time

Life can be hectic, we get it.

We all start out with good intentions.

“I will run 5km every evening. I will go to spin class every morning before work. I will swim every weekend.”

But, with every new meeting request, every late night with your crying toddler, every last-minute dinner invite, your motivation to exercise dwindles.

Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to fit in training into your already-busy week, here are some suggestions to spice up your regular routine and keep you on track for event day.

1. Use your lunch breaks

How about taking a lunchtime class?

Training for HBF Run doesn’t have to be all about running.

There are plenty of available options to those that work in the CBD, from gyms to specialised studios. Stretch out your morning at a yoga class or work up a sweat at a boxing or spin session.

If your workplace is isolated (or if you’re not a fan of gyms), spend 30 minutes taking a brisk walk in the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air.

A walk out in the open might improve your energy levels and reset your focus.

Goodbye afternoon slump!

2. Trick yourself into exercising

The key to fitting training into a jam-packed schedule is to be innovative.

Challenge yourself by adding small bursts of a workout here and there. Re-imagine your training outside of a specified time and place.

Why not take your pet down to the beach or park for a run-around? Park further away, walk part of your commute or jog down to the supermarket when you need milk.

Take the stairs, always take the stairs.

Every little bit counts!

Sunny day at Ten Mile Lagoon, Esperance, Western Australia

3. Enjoy the great outdoors 

Reignite your enthusiasm with a part-run-part-hike routine.

Find yourself a trail and make it a priority to run the hills and walk the flats. Combine endurance with long distance and you’ll be your fittest self in no time.

How, you ask? Re-arrange your week to include some workout time on the weekend.

If you aren’t feeling too adventurous you can always find some interesting landscapes in Perth, try the river or a lake for some tranquillity.

4. Become a morning person

We know, we know, mornings aren’t for everyone!

You’ll probably cringe at the thought of waking up earlier, especially in the cold and dark winter months, but it’s one of the most effective ways to fit in your training.

Pick a couple of days a week to wake up an hour earlier and you’ll have your workout done before the sun’s up!

Hot tip: keep your phone away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off, this way the hard part is already done.

Once you’re up, there’s no stopping you.

5. Take yourself on a date

Invest in some me-time!

Treat your training as an important meeting and prioritise it as a non-negotiable commitment.

Identify times in your week when you can make time for yourself. Be honest about your expectations and make it work for you.

Even if you can only set aside 20 minutes a couple of days a week, go ahead and section these blocks of time off.

Put it in the diary and try not to let anything else get in the way!