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Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out our FAQs below where we've covered everything you need to know about the big day!

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FAQs about registering

When do registrations open/close?

Early bird pricing Thurs 1 Feb Thurs 29 Feb, 11.59pm
General pricing Fri 1 Mar Fri 17 May, 11.59pm

Can I register in a branch?

Unfortunately you cannot enter at HBF branches, however should you experience any difficulty entering online, our events team is able to assist you and contactable at 08 6333 0330 or enquiry@hbfrun.com.au. You can register online until 11.59pm on Friday 17 May.

What does my entry fee cover?

Your entry fee goes towards the costs associated with organising the event and keeping you safe. This includes closing roads and managing traffic around the city, providing you with access to first aid and medical officers across all three distances and the finish line. An event of this size also works with police and other emergency services in the lead-up and on the day all of which are there to look out for you.

The entry fee also helps to cover the cost of items like your HBF Run t-shirt, timing, providing you with free public transport until 3 pm on event day, your finisher medal, and other items at the finish line like free fruit and massages.

Your entry fees don’t go directly to the beneficiaries associated with the event and the millions that have been raised over the past 14 years have come from participants fundraising for a cause close to their hearts.

You can fundraise or make a donation to one of our feature charities or support a charity of your choice – follow the prompts during registration to do so.

Do children in prams have to be registered?

Children being pushed in prams don’t need to be registered. However, if you do register your child who will be pushed in a pram, they’ll receive participant benefits like a free event t-shirt and a medal at the finish line – it’s up to you, but the baby event t-shirts are extra cute!

For safety reasons, please note that participants pushing prams must select the Families & Prams category for both the 4km and 12km distances.

Can I register via post?

No, we do not have the option to enter via post. But if you live regionally, you can register online until 11.59pm on Friday 17 May. If you don’t have access to the internet you can contact our Event Team on 08 6333 0330 or email enquiry@hbfrun.com.au.

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FAQs about distances

What do "distances", "courses" and "start groups mean?"

Courses refer to the three distances and the route that each takes. There are three to choose from – the Brooks Half Marathon, Specsavers 12km, and the CommBank 4km.

Start Groups are assigned depending on the time you expect to take to complete the course. We encourage you to select a finish time so you are surrounded by people running or walking at a similar pace to you. Some people are running to smash their PB and run a 14-minute 4km, others are walking with prams and taking it easy. By selecting the correct wave, it helps us keep you safe and moving at your goal pace.

You must start in your assigned group. If you start in a group ahead of yours, your timing device will not activate and your time will not be recorded. Event Officials may also instruct you to move back to the appropriate group.

Which start group should I choose?


Brooks Half Marathon

We have two start groups for the Brooks Half Marathon. We do ask that you self-seed at the start line, positioning yourself amongst the Brooks Pacers. If you are looking to finish between 1-2 hours, we recommend starting in the first wave at 6.45am. For more than 2 hours, we recommend starting in the 2nd wave, starting 10 minutes later.

If you haven’t done this distance before, start out by calculating your goal finish time based on your average pace per kilometre. Hot tip: Use Google ‘pace calculator’ to work out your goal pace per kilometre and finish time.

For the other two distances, please see below – choose your group based on how long you estimate it’ll take you to finish your distance on the day.

Specsavers 12km


Category Time
Seeded Runners Under 45 min
A 50 min - 1 hr 10 min
B 1 hr 10 min - 1 hr 25 min
C 1 hr 25 min - 1 hr 40 min
D - Walkers 1 hr 40 min - 2 hr 10 min
E - Families & Prams 2 hr 10 min - 2hrs 20 min

CommBank 4km


Category Time
A Under 25 min
B 25 min - 35 min
C 35 min - 45 min
D - Walkers 45 min - 55 min
E - Families & Prams Over 55 min

Are there any rules for young children?

We know that many families will want to walk (or run) the course together as part of a special day out – that’s one of things that makes it such a fun day!

Please be mindful that children who intend on walking or running the course must be registered and wearing a participant bib. They also need to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

In a large crowd it can be easy to become separated from children. Please ensure you provide your child with a contact number to reach you on should they become separated and if appropriate plan for a meeting point at the finish.

Check out the A-Z meeting area just outside the medal collection at the finish line.

Can I walk the course?

Absolutely – you’re welcome to walk the 12km or 4km. Just make sure you select the correct category when you enter. We have dedicated waves for walkers, families and prams so that you can take your time and enjoy the atmosphere without too many serious runners.

The Brooks Half Marathon can only be completed by runners or joggers as there are course cut off times due to road closures.

Please also note that due to safety regulations, you’re unable to take part in any of the events on a bicycle, roller-blades or scooter.

Is running through the tunnel bad for my health?

No, it’s not – it’s a favourite part of the course for many of our participants. Whilst it is a little warm, it’s adequately ventilated and has lighting all the way through. The tunnel will be closed to traffic well before the event commences to ensure that all car emissions have cleared.

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FAQs about Pack Collection

What is Pack Collection?

Pack Collection is where you can collect your participant pack from which includes your t-shirt and race bib.

You will also be able to:

  • Submit a late entry
  • Change your distance
  • Drop your bag for transport to the finish line
  • Speak to our event team if you have any queries about the event or volunteering

When and where will participant packs be available to collect?

HBF Stadium, Main arena, 100 Stephenson Ave, Mount Claremont 

General Pack Collection

Thursday - 16 May - 4.00pm - 7.00pm

Friday - 17 May - 8.00am - 7.00pm

Saturday - 18 May - 8.00am - 1.00pm

You will be unable to collect your pack on event day, if you are unable to attend the above pack collection dates, we recommend opting for postage.

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FAQs for spectators

Where can my friends & family watch me on event day?

If you can’t persuade them to join you on course, then the best place for them to cheer you on is directly outside Gloucester Park. They’ll be able to see you as you head towards the finish line and then meet you once you’re done to join all the fun in the finish area.

Other places include:

Brooks Half Marathon

  • Riverside Drive
  • Plus the below 12km spectator points

Specsavers 12km

  • Burswood Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Causeway

CommBank 4km

  • St Georges Terrace and Adelaide Terrace

If you choose to spectate, please check the road closures closer to the event as many of the above locations are only accessible by foot.

Where can I meet my friends and family after the event?

Be sure to organise a meeting point well in advance as event day can be hectic. We’ve got an A-Z meet and greet area at the finish line, so stick to the letter of your surname and your friends/family can find you there.

Where do I get from the start line to the finish line?

A spectator shuttle bus service is available on event day for spectators wishing to travel to Gloucester Park to meet family and friends. Buses will depart from Perth Bus port, please follow signage where dedicated departure points will be clearly marked.

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FAQs about the fundraising

I've got a problem with my fundraising page.

Get in touch with the Grassrootz team via support@grassrootz.com

I want to start fundraising for a charity but they're not affiliated with the event?

HBF Run for a Reason allows participants to raise funds for registered charities. There are over 200 registered charities with new ones being added all the time.

If you know of a charity that is not registered please contact the charity directly. Charities can't be added by participants. Charities must contact support@grassrootz.com where more information will be given on how to get set up on Grassrootz.

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FAQs for teams and corporates

Do I need to pick up my participant pack if I am a member of team?

Please confirm arrangements with your Team Captain.

Option 1 - Pick up
Your Team Captain has arranged to collect packs for everyone in the team. You'll need to get in touch with your Team Captain directly to find out how to collect your pack from them.

Option 2 - Self managed
If you chose ‘Pick up’ when you registered as part of the team, you will need to visit Pack Collection to collect your pack. Don't forget to bring your e-ticket with you, either print a copy at home or show it to us on your phone to collect your pack. This will be emailed to you from Monday 13 May. If you chose ‘Postage’ your pack will be sent to your chosen address.

Some members of our team are in different start groups, can we all start together?

No sorry, you’ll need to stick to your assigned start group to prevent any frustration from being surrounded by people going at a different speed from you.

If you start in a group ahead of the one you’re assigned to, your timing device won’t activate and your time will not be recorded. Our event officials will also instruct you to move back to the appropriate group.

Does every team member need to take part in the same distance?

No, teams can include participants across all three distances and waves.

When do registrations for Hospitality Packages open/close?

Registrations will open soon. To express your interest or find out more, please contact enquiry@hbfrun.com.au.

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Team resources

Grow your team and boost your fundraising with this downloadable team toolkit.

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