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Why this couple will keep running together until they’re 100 years old

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Bob and Alison Johnstone

“As life went on, we just kept running”

To meet Bob and Alison Johnstone is to feel, at once, both in awe and encouraged. They rattle off their sporting achievements (31 marathons between them, a nomination for WA Sports Star of the Year, ice hockey National Championship trophies) and, yet, in the next breath offer humble reassurances that “anyone can do it, it’s never too late”.

With all nine HBF Run for a Reason events under their belts, and a 10th on the horizon, Bob and Alison are showing no signs of stopping any time soon! Bob, currently 76 years old, confidently pledges to run every HBF Run until he’s 100, to which Alison playfully responds, “well, I have to say the same so that I can beat him each time!”

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

Although the couple’s infectious positivity gives the impression that their fitness journey has been a smooth road, they’ve come up against their fair share of obstacles. From broken bones, to torn muscles and knee surgeries, Bob and Alison’s injury list is about as long as their marathon list!

However, the ever-cheerful duo remain determined to keep running until they can’t because, as Alison exclaims, “it makes me feel alive!”

We asked Bob and Alison to share some of their motivational mantras – here’s what they said:

  1. Start slowly, be patient and be kind to yourself.
  2. Remember that the toughest step is the first one out the door.
  3. Don’t compete against others, or against the clock - you are doing this for you!

Wise words to live by, from two truly inspirational people.

See you on May 19, Bob and Alison!

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