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How our four feature charities are making a difference

Dani Orlando Running for Cancer Council WA

For eight years, thousands of West Australians have put on their runners for the HBF Run, raising over $8 million for WA health charities.

If you’re thinking about raising money for a cause this year but don’t know which charity to support yet, here are a few good reasons to get behind our feature charities.

Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation is dedicated to supporting the heart health of each and every Aussie. For over 50 years the Heart Foundation has been tackling heart disease head on by funding cardiovascular research, supporting those with heart conditions and educating Australians to make healthy choices.

Did you know?

  1. One person dies from cardiovascular disease every 12 minutes
  2. You won’t necessarily experience chest pain if you’re having a heart attack; some people experience discomfort in other parts of their upper body instead
  3. A massive 82 per cent of the Heart Foundation’s funding comes from donations, meaning your support really does make all the difference

Cancer Council WA

Cancer Council WA is the leading independent cancer organisation in WA. A worthy cause, your donations will support world-class cancer research, prevention programs and support services – all in the name of defeating cancer.

Did you know?

  1. Cancer is the leading cause of death in WA
  2. The most common cancer in Australia is skin cancer
  3. Cancer causes around three in 10 deaths in WA

Diabetes WA

In 1965, Diabetes WA was founded to educate and support West Australians living with diabetes. Helping over 10,000 people within the WA community, this great charity is working hard to improve the lives of those at risk of, living with or affected by diabetes.

Did you know?

  1. Right now, 120,000 West Australians are living with diabetes
  2. Every day, another 28 people are diagnosed
  3. In the past decade alone, Diabetes WA have invested $26 million into 388 diabetes research projects Australia wide

Lifeline WA

Lifeline WA provides critical suicide prevention and crisis support through their national 24/7 telephone crisis line, 13 11 14, as well as their Online Crisis Chat. With $25 only covering the cost of one call to their crisis support line, every cent you raise for Lifeline WA is needed and appreciated.

Did you know?

  1. On average, one West Australian is lost to suicide every day, (ABS Causes of Death, 2016)
  2. in 2016/27, Lifeline WA responded to more than 44,000 calls and 14,000 online crisis chats
  3. A $100 donation means that a Lifeline WA speaker can provide critical suicide prevention training within a community