HBF Run for a Reason road closures

Road closures

It’s necessary to close some roads on event day as they form part of the route our participants walk, jog or run. If you have any enquries please call the hotlines below. 

Pre-event: 9482 3300
Event day from 5am: 9323 4008

CBD Impacted Areas
Mitchell Fwy Impacted Areas
Kings Park Impacted Areas
Road NameClosed fromClosed toClosure StartsClosure Finishes
Adelaide TcePlain Causeway4.00 am12.00 noon
Adelaide TcePlain Causeway6.00 am12.00 noon
Barrack St - SouthboundThe EsplanadeRiverside Dve6.00 am10.00 am
Braithwaite StHay Nelson Sat 12 pm1.00 pm
CamfieldResortSouth6.00 am11.00 am
Causeway - EastboundRiverside Grt Eastern4.00 am1.00 pm
Causeway - West (at Roundabout)Riverside Adelaide Tce4.00 am12.00 noon
Charles Onramp to Fwy SouthNewcastleFreeway4.00 am10.00 am
Elder Onramp to Fwy SouthMurrayFreeway4.00 am10.00 am
Farmer Fwy - WestboundEast Pd Off rampCity4.00 am11.00 am
Farmer Fwy - WestboundCity exitCity4.00 am11.00 am
Forrest DvParkLovekin6.00 am8.00 am
Freeway Southbound onrampRiverside Freeway4.00 am10.00 am
Governors AveTerrace Riverside 4.00 am11.00 am
Great Eastern On ramps (West)Great Eastern HmyFarmer Fwy4.00 am11.00 am
Hay StHale Causeway4.00 am12.00 noon
Hay St / King St - car parknorth - eastexit car park6.00 am11.00 am
Lovekin DvForrestPoole6.00 am8.00 am
Malcolm / Kings Park HavelockHarvest6.15 am7.15 am
Market Onramp to Fway SouthMarketFreeway4.00 am10.00 am
May DvSawPoole6.00 am8.00 am
MilliganHay South6.00 am7.00 am
Mitchell Freeway - South BoundFarmerRiverside4.00 am10.00 am
Mitchell Freeway - Riverside off-rampMitchell FwayRiverside4.00 am10.00 am
Mounts Bay RdMill William 7.00 am10.00 am
Mounts Bay Rd - Eastbound Crawley Point Lewis6.00 am9.00 am
Murray Onramp to Fwy SouthMurrayFreeway4.00 am10.00 am
Murray StKingWilliam M/night11.00 am
Murray St - hard closeMilligan William St6.00 am9.00 am
Nelson CrBraithwaite Nile Sat 12 pm1.00 pm
Nile StArden Nelson Sat 12 pm1.00 pm
Orrong RoadFarmer FwyWest4.00 am11.00 am
Park AveKings Park AveEast6.00 am8.00 am
Plain StTerrace Riverside 4.00 am11.30 am
Plain StRiverside east8.00 am11.30 am
Point Lewis RotaryMounts Bay RdRiverside6.00 am9.00 am
Poole AvePark AvMay6.00 am7.30 am
Queen StWellingtonMurray 6.00 am9.30 am
Resort DveGt EasternCamfield6.00 am10.30 am
Riverside Dve - eastbound trafficBarrack Causeway4.00 am11.00 am
Saw AveThomas StMay Dve6.00 am7.30 am
Sherwood Ct / Howard StSt GeorgesEsplanade4.00 am10.00 am
Spring StMounts BayNorth6.00 am7.00 am
St Georges Tce - East (local Ok)Milligan StKing St4.00 am10.00 am
St Georges Tce - Eastbound KingBarrack 6.00 am9.00 am
St Georges Tce - WestboundBarrack Malcolm4.00 am10.00 am
Thomas StKings Park AveRockeby Rd6.00 am7.30 am
Vic Park Dvon bridgeOver fwy4.00 am11.00 am
Victoria AveTerrace Riverside 4.00 am11.00 am
Victoria Ave - hard closeAt RiversideWest / North8.00 am11.00 am
Victoria Park DrResidential areaFarmer Fwy4.00 am11.00 am
William StWellingtonEsplanadeM/night11.00 am
William St - Esplanade/Mounts BayEsplanadeSt Georges Tce North4.00 am10.00 am

Warm up those legs

Why not cycle to the event! Public bike parking is available in the CPP Elder Street car park.

Runner sprinting