The 2024 HBF Run for a Reason t-shirt is ready to run

Children wearing 2024 HBF Run for a Reason t-shirt

The 2024 HBF Run for a Reason t-shirt is ready to run and this year we’re thrilled to feature indigenous artwork from well-known artist Kevin Bynder, a proud Whadjuk-Yuet-Ballardong man from Western Australia.

The HBF Run for a Reason t-shirt always tells a story of spirit and unity. This year, HBF is proud to be incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and connection to Country through the vibrant art created by Kevin Bynder.

The artwork featured on the t-shirt tells HBF’s story starting in Boorlo (Perth) and our meaningful connection to our community. For HBF this t-shirt acknowledges Country and the Traditional Owners of the land where HBF Run for a Reason takes place.

The t-shirt

We have chosen upcycled t-shirts made of recycled single-use plastic water bottles to do our part towards waste reduction. It’s a small step in the right direction and something we hope you see as a keepsake rather than a throwaway – it has a lot of miles in it!

The HBF Run for a Reason t-shirt is included in your entry – and is a collectable you’ll spot on the streets well beyond event day!

The artwork

HBF commissioned Kevin Bynder in 2023 to tell the HBF story. The artwork speaks to our strong community values, and deep appreciation for our members and our people. We're thrilled that Kevin has given us the opportunity to incorporate this vibrant and beautiful artwork into this year's HBF Run for a Reason official t-shirt design.

A bit about the artwork, from the artist:

  • The 7 circles are the values and policies of HBF, without them and the songlines the company wouldn’t be successful.
  • The 6 circles to the left of HBF are the songlines. Songlines are the knowledge that has been founded by the original owners and passed down from generation to generation. The songlines were used to teach the younger generation about the land and culture to enable them to grow and learn.
  • The right side of the artwork is the Derbal Yerrigan (The Swan River) where HBF is situated, and the home of the Boorloo Whadjuk Noongar people. The Swan River also plays a big part in setting the scene for HBF Run for a Reason, where participants can take in this iconic Perth view – while doing something incredible for their health and the community.
  • Next to the Swan River is the Kaata Morda (Darling Range). Kaata Morda is said to be the Waagyl (Rainbow Serpent) after creating the land she lays dormant and resting looking over the Noongar tribes.
  • The very top of the painting shows 3 circles. Those are the North, South, and Midwest of WA. HBF covers all clients from around the state.
  • The U shapes are HBF’s members and the reason HBF exists.

The artist - Kevin Bynder

Kevin Bynder was born in Perth in 1975 to a Whadjuk-Yuet Nyungar mother and a Widi-Badimia Yamatji father. At the age of 23, Kevin began his career as an artist, moving from Fitzroy Crossing to Broome where he established his first art studio. Since those humble beginnings, Kevin has sold his art locally, nationally, and internationally. Kevin's studio and office is based in Wangara where he can be found working on his latest piece of art or speaking about the Noongar culture to locals and tourists. Kevin is also the CEO of MARDAA, a majority Aboriginal-owned venture specialising in ethical, eco-conscious branded merchandise services.

Kevin has also worked in schools, teaching Indigenous students from remote communities. As well as his work on canvas, Kevin has designed the uniforms of a number of professional sporting clubs in Australia such as Fremantle Dockers, West Coast Eagles, Perth Wildcats, and the Port Adelaide Football Club and the Brisbane Lions. Kevin has also recently designed 3 coins for the Perth Mint.

He can't wait to see over 33,000 participants wearing his artwork at HBF Run for a Reason.

Your HBF Run for a Reason t-shirt is included in your entry*, along with your finish line medal and entertainment every step of the way.

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Environmental statement

We acknowledge that making a garment from recycled water bottles, while better, doesn’t mean it’s waste-free. Like most fibers, recycled polyester will still shed in the wash cycle, which can add to the microplastic problem that’s plaguing the environment. Washing less often, hand washing/spot cleaning or using a laundry bag are some options to consider.

* While stocks last.