Your HBF Run 2019 training guide

2021 event cancelled

HBF Run for a Reason 2019 training on the beach with a group

Get run-ready with this 8-week plan

Ok, so you’ve signed up for HBF Run for a Reason… now what? Knowing how to start training can be intimidating, so we’re here to help you get well prepared.

We’ve teamed up with an expert team of physios and coaches from Front Runner Sports to bring you these 8-week training guides. Whether you’re going from ‘couch-to-4km’, or from ‘casual-jogger-to-12km’, there’s a personalised plan to help you stay on track for event day.

In each guide, you’ll find references to stretches and running drills. Follow the guidance of a coach for these exercises by clicking the play buttons on the ‘Dynamic Stretches’ and ‘Running Drills’ tabs at the top of each guide.

You’ll also notice that the ‘Coopers Test’ is mentioned. This is a practical test of your current fitness and can be used to determine your ‘Easy-Max’ pace. If you’d like to calculate your exact pace, use this calculator after completing the Coopers Test.

Good luck!

4km Training Guides

Running as a group

Beginner 4km

(If you’re completely new to running or returning after a break, this guide is the place to start) Download 4km Beginner Training Guide (PDF)

Intermediate-Advanced 4km

(If you’ve completed a 4km or similar distance before and are looking to raise your game, this is the guide for you!) Download 4km Intermediate-advanced Training Guide (PDF)

12KM Training Guides

Running as a group

Beginner 12km

(Stepping up to the 12km for the first time? This training guide can help you get there) Download 12km Beginner Training Guide (PDF)

Intermediate-Advanced 12km

(If you’re a seasoned 12km runner looking to improve performance, here’s the training plan for you!) Download 12km Intermediate-advanced Training Guide (PDF)

Half Marathon Training Guides

Running as a group

Intermediate Half marathon

(First time taking on a half marathon? Look no further, this guide will become your playbook in the lead up to event day) Download Half Marathon Intermediate Training Guide (PDF)

Advanced Half marathon

(If you’ve done a half marathon before and are looking to improve your performance this time around, check out this training guide) Download Half Marathon Advanced Training Guide (PDF)