Times for Brooks Half Marathon Pacers

HBF Run for a Reason Brooks Pacers
A  Brooks Half Marathon pacer leads participants.

Find your pacer on Run-Day!

A pacer is a friendly and experienced runner who will help you reach your Brooks Half Marathon race goal on event day. You’ll find them at the start line wearing a bright shirt and a pace banner that features their individual goal time.

Check out the Q&A video below and get to know your pacers – not long now!


We have a number of Brooks Pacers coordinated for the Brooks Half Marathon, ranging from a pace time of 4mins/km to 7min/km (finishing time 1h24m to 2h28m). Check out the table below for full details and click here for more info on the Brooks Half Marathon (Sold Out).

Packs Timing Split

Pacer Time/km Finish Time
4min 1:24:00
4min 30sec 1:35:00
5min 1:45:00
5min 30sec 1:56:00
6min 2:06:00
6min 30 sec 2:17:00
7min 2:28:00