Learn to love running: Advice from fellow run-rookies

Perth Running Club together before a training session

Running as a beginner is hard (you’re not alone) but it gets better! 

Whether you’re getting back into the swing of things or are a complete newbie, learning to run can be intimidating.

Maybe you've hit a hurdle in your HBF Run training, or simply can't get past the "I hate this, why am I doing this to myself?" phase.

If your relationship with running is tipping the love-hate scale in the wrong direction, read on. The members of Perth Running Club's ‘Learn to Run’ group feel your pain and have some motivational advice to share.


“The hardest part about running is actually starting. Naturally, as a first-time runner my initial reactions were ‘it’s too hard!’ and ‘I can’t breathe!’. But once you start to push a little further, it gets easier. My advice? Grab a good pair of running shoes and don’t forget to stretch after your run! Having a friend or running group keeping you accountable helps too.”


“At 55 years old, I really doubted if I could get back into running after such a long time away from the sport. Thankfully, the folks at the Perth Running Club have become a great support network for me, as well as making the experience heaps of fun. Yes, it’s hard…but at least I’m having fun while being tortured!”


“When I first started running, I was really nervous. But looking back now, I understand that the effort you put in reflects how good your progress will be. It is hard work, so I recommend starting out slowly. As long as you stay consistent and don’t give up too soon, you can achieve anything! It gets easier, I promise.”

Two members of Perth Running Club walking together at the beach


“As a first-time runner, I was super apprehensive about whether I could really run or not; now I look forward to it. Running is a great stress reliever and helps me set and achieve goals. My advice to new runners is to start out slow and find a club to support you along the way. Running was scary at first, but joining Perth Running Club gave me the support and correct techniques that I needed as a rookie!”


“If you’re looking to get into running, I encourage you to just go for it! When I started out, my first goal was to run 12.1km; I was lucky enough to have a really supportive group who encouraged me to achieve my goal. Now, despite managing an injury, I love running and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

My advice? Join a club to help you along the journey – you might not become the next Usain Bolt, you’ll definitely make some excellent friends.”


“At first, I was anxious to start my running journey, but now that I’ve started I feel really confident.

There are lots of ways to ease into running. I set myself small goals to begin with (run 30 seconds, walk for 60 seconds and repeat), then slowly increased until I was fit enough to just… run!”

Two members of Perth Running Club running together at the beach


“I hadn’t run for 10 years before I started getting into it again, and I’ll admit that it is hard work. But as long as you stay consistent, you’ll get there. My biggest tip is to run with a group of mates – it makes all the difference when starting out.”


“At the start, I actually enjoyed running but lacked the motivation or goals to push further. Developing trust in not just my physical, but also mental, strength was the biggest hurdle for me, so my advice is to start out slow. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you run or walk - if you’re moving that’s all that matters!”

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