How to run: Tips for better technique

Marc See from Front Runner Sports running along a running track

Freshen up your form to take your training to the next level.

Head to West Coast Drive, Lake Monger or any other popular WA track on a Saturday morning and you’ll observe a myriad of weird and wonderful running styles. There’s the skipper, the shuffler, the butt-kicker, the t-rex arms, the excessive-forward-leaner... you name it!

We’re all for celebrating individuality, but is there such a thing as the “perfect” running technique? We chatted to the experts at Front Runner Sports for their opinion.

“Because anyone can put on sneakers and go for a run, people think running is just something you do, not something you need to learn,” says Ben Green, physiotherapist at Front Runner Sports.

So, why is learning to run important?

1. To reduce risk of injury

One study revealed that up to 79 per cent of runners experienced a lower-body injury.

Trends between various running styles and particular injuries have also been noted, suggesting that improving technique can lower the risk of injury.

2. To improve performance

It is widely accepted that improving your form can increase your running efficiency. In support of this, a recent report found that changes to cadence (strides per minute) affects running economy.

Essentially, running technique can directly affect performance.

Whether you’re a complete newbie to running or you want to improve your pace, these practical tips are sure to put a spring in your step.

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