Get fired up, literally, with Lisa Burns

Lisa Burns

Lisa Burns is no stranger to training for the HBF Run for a Reason.

Lisa runs Lisa Burns Training Studio in Doubleview and has mentored many people to achieve their goals for the HBF Run.  

To minimise your risk of injury, she says it is a good idea to compliment cardio training with exercises that build strength and support your running technique. 

Lisa recommends doing a few exercises from her Booty Burn™ program, which are designed to activate the glutes and will compliment your running training.

Inactive glutes can increase your risk of injury, by overloading other parts of the body when you run,” Lisa says.

These Booty Burn exercises will help to fire up those glutes, which is important.

Depending on your fitness level, Lisa recommends doing 10-30 repetitions of each exercise.