Not a runner? Welcome to the club

Running as a group

5 ways I’ve found to make running easier

Now that you’ve got your reason, it’s time to get running.

For some of you, it’s as easy as throwing on your snazzy new 2XU HBF Run T-shirt and pounding the pavement.

For the rest of us, it’s a bit harder.

So here are some tips I found to get into the swing of things and feel good about it, too.

1. Find a running partner

I’m no expert on running, but Sue O’Brien from UWA Sport sure is. In fact, she ran eight marathons, in eight countries, *big breath* in EIGHT weeks with her husband, Andrew.

Sue says running with a partner can actually have a load of benefits. So buddy up with your partner, a family member, friend or colleague to beat those PBs together!

They’ll also stop you thinking about how much you’d rather be on the couch watching The Voice.

2. Find your safe running spot

It’s important to find a place where you feel safe and actually ENJOY running.

Top tips:

  • Find a scenic location that inspires you.
  • Train at popular spots where there are lots of people around (Trigg Beach or South Perth Foreshore are great).
  • Train with a friend or bring your dog.
  • If you do go alone, always tell a close friend or family member when and where you’re going, and when you expect to return.

3. Get tech savvy

If they’re not already, smartphones can be your best friend.

  • For extra security, check out Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch safety features.
  • Apps like bSafe can also help keep you safe while out and about.
  • For the actual running stuff, apps like MapMyRun can help track your progress/keep you motivated/tell you how awesome you are.

4. Join the run community

Perth has some great outdoor fitness groups that you can join. And would you looky here, I’ve even done the Googling for you:

5. Remember your reason

The HBF Run is all about running for a reason. Whether it’s for him, for her, for them or simply for yourself, having that reason in the back of your mind is one of the best kinds of encouragement.

Need a bit more of a boost? Check out Perth’s favourite hypnotist Matt Hale’s weekly Mind Hacks on the HBF Run Facebook page; he has some great tips on how to get yourself over that finish line, too.

Trust me – you’ll be finishing your run feeling like “yasss” instead of “urghhh” in no time!