3 things every runner can learn from yoga


By Rhyanna Van Leeuwarden, HBF Run for a Reason Ambassador

The HBF Run for a Reason calls all types. Serious athletes, corporate groups, family units, the young, old, crazy and committed! It offers an adventure for all without restriction, hurdles or comparisons; it brings about connection, freedom, creativity, and fulfillment; if you listen out for it!

Use the concepts introduced below from the yoga traditions and draw them into your world, let this year’s event be your best yet!


Contentment found in the acceptance and appreciation of the moment.

This is the biggy, the jewel, get this and your run this year will be oh so good! Pull on your shoes, get to the start line and realise each second of this experience just is.

Conserve your energy and stay in the calm centre that is there for you. Every breath, every footstep, ever trickle of sweat, notice it and be grateful.

Contentment found in the acceptance and appreciation of the moment


Moving away from harm, practicing non-violence and being compassionate.

Most of us do not think of ourselves as violent, but we are often encouraged to push past our limits, or compete against others.

Think about it. Ahimsa can help to move us past judgement and disappointment and quickly create a moment to feel better, to keep going, to truly share the experience and most courageously to create a little bit of balance.

Moving away from harm, practicing non-violence and being compassionate


Self-discipline, trusting the heat and trusting the path of change itself.

Tapas is the consistent effort, the commitment to pre- event training, the dedication to showing up on the day without knowing the result, and most importantly knowing your purpose.

When you get tired, become distracted, kind of can’t be bothered anymore; when the event maybe takes a turn that you didn’t expect, tapas kicks in and brings you back to your reason.

Each of us experience the world a little differently, and that’s what makes it so special. As you commence pre-event preparation and look forward to RUN day, take a little time to enjoy it.