10 ways to convince your mates to join you on event day

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Fool-proof tips to help grow your team.

Are you struggling to persuade your tribe to run for a reason? Even after coming up with a super original team name (“Team Awesome”, we’re rooting for you)?

No fear! We hear your struggle loud and clear and have come up with some suggestions.

1. Design matching outfits

Nothing says “you have to join me” like a hand-made, glitter-glued pink tutu with matching knee-high socks and top hat. Once your pals have seen how much hard work you’ve put into their costumes (10 hours, 33 minutes and 6 cups of coffee to be exact) they won’t have the heart to say no!

The photo on the left shows three people dressed up as Stormtroopers at HBF Run for a Reason. To the right is a photo of two ladies dressed in colourful tutus at HBF Run for a Reason.

2. Form a mutual goal

One of the best ways to unite your mob is to agree on a common cause. You might aim to raise $500 for a charity close to your hearts or strive to create the largest corporate team. With a shared vision, the people in your life are more likely to get involved.

3. Rep the Run shirt

If your mates haven't entered, just remind them that they risk being one of the few people in WA who don’t have a 10th anniversary #hbfrun shirt! If you manage to build a team of 40 people, you’ll also get your shirts personalised for free*.

4. Get creative

A well-placed brochure is sure to capture anyone’s attention. Ideal locations include:

  • Inside the fridge
  • Next to their phone charger
  • Attached to their dog’s collar

5. Get tagging

‘Accidentally’ tagging your friends in every single @hbfrun social media post is a mildly irritating yet wildly effective method of convincing them to join your team. It’s not trolling if it’s for a good cause, right?

6. Hold them accountable to their lunchroom banter

We all know that one person who brags they were the state cross-country champion in Year 2. Now’s your chance to prove it, my friend.

7. Shout them a hot brekkie afterwards

Nothing says “thank you” like a delicious meal at the end of a run. Whether you opt for an iconic smashed avo at a local cafe or organise a team marquee, complete with barbecue, no-one can say no to good food!

A team posing together as a group at HBF Run for a Reason 2018

8. Cast your net wide

As much as we love ‘em, sometimes our nearest and dearest just don’t want to spend their Sunday morning running with us (I’m looking at you, Dad). So, cast your net wide by asking your colleagues, gym buddies, lawn bowls club and even the annoying neighbour you usually try to avoid. Beggars can’t be choosers, and you never know who might take the bait!

9. Perfect your pitch

Know your audience and adapt your spiel. If your mate’s a sucker for entertainment, tell them that this year is set to be Run’s biggest street party (it’s true, by the way). Or if your run-bud is a pamper-princess, try dangling the promise of a post-run massage under their nose.

10. Mention the free Powerade Zero

If nothing, nothing else works… free Powerade Zero. Enough said.

Find out more about HBF Run teams, as well as team packages, here.

*Please note: Complimentary inclusions are available ONLY to teams who are managed by the team captain, and not to teams that elect to be self managed.