Why I’m Getting Back Into Running


However, as many do, I lost my way a little, with less time spent running that I would like. But recently two motivators have knocked on my door and I’m so glad to say that I’ve found my way back to running because of them.

Here's my story of my Run for a Reason.

Week Four - Where there's a will, there's a way

Kids - Why Im Getting Back Into Running

I am majorly challenged with a bad neck. As the result of an accident, I got whiplash and it’s now a long term suffering. I regularly have a sore neck and get major migraines. It has restricted my exercise a lot, however, you learn how to manage.

As soon as I feel it coming on, I drink lots of water, take some Panadol Osteo and get some deep treatment on my neck. Where there is a will, there is a way.

My girls know I am doing this run, they are watching me, and they will see me conquer.

Week Three - Staying Focussed

Focused - Why Im Getting Back Into Running

As a single mum and busy Digital Influencer, my ‘me’ time is very limited. My girls are my world, and when I am with them, they get all my time and attention. It also means that I don't get as much time to get things done. But that is fine. They are worth it.

The way I do get my workouts in is on the days I am not with them or when they are at school. It is my first priority from the moment I leave them. It is easy to get distracted and go for that quick school drop off coffee or catch up chats outside the school, I just avoid them as my time is limited.

I know my exercise days and make sure I utilise them, I once heard a saying from a Perth Boxing legend, ‘dont waste a workout’ and I always tell myself that, because it’s so true. My training days are scheduled and I just make sure I workout then.

I started my fitness journey slowly. I didn’t push myself too hard initially until I built up solid momentum.

I started each step slowly, from initially going for 20 - 30 minute walks, and then for an hour. Then started introducing hills and steps. From there jogging, which also started off as slow jogs to start building myself up. From a jog it becomes a run.

Week Two - Getting Started

Tie Shoe Laces - Why Im Getting Back Into Running

First thing is first, you have to want to, then you start to mentally prepare yourself. Tell yourself you can and you will. Nothing will stop you then.

You need to do this from when you first start off in fitness and ongoing. It doesn't get any easier, each time you have new challenges, you want to better your last Personal Best.

For each triumph you feel so good and set new hard challenges.

Week One - Why I’m Getting Back Into Running

First and most important, as a busy mum I live for every moment that I get to spend with my two little girls by my side. I find that running gives me that extra boost of energy that I need to keep up and enjoy the fun with them, meaning that I never miss a single precious moment. Not only this, but I feel like I’m setting the best example that I can for the girls; I’m proud to say that they, too, live very active lives and already understand the importance of staying active and healthy. What more can I ask for?

The girls know that mummy is running in a big run and are always asking me if I am training and ready for the big run. I have told them that I need to work very hard at it as I have never run so far. Knowing that they know what I am trying to do is a major motivation.

And secondly, fitness and well-being is, of course, always a motivator. I am working hard to trim the last of that excess baby weight and to be the fittest version of myself once again. With a family trip to Europe creeping up on us next summer, I’m determined to get myself to the point where I feel confident in a bikini again.

But physical appearance isn’t the only thing – the mental side of things is so, so important.

Running is the best thing that I have found for my mental health. Running sets the tone for my day – it keeps me charged and focused. As a busy mum, I can’t stress just how important this is to me. When life’s pressures weigh on me, exercise picks me up and gives me the boost I need. This is so important for me to be the healthiest version of myself – not just for me, but for my two little sweethearts.

My fitness journey has motivated me in so many ways, pushing me to be the healthiest individual, and mummy, that I can possibly be. I’m so grateful for the challenges that I’ve already faced and overcome; I can’t see myself giving up running again anytime soon.