The Positive Psychologist's Reason

Zoe Dimech 4
Zoe Dimech, the 29-year-old also known as The Positive Psychologist, has a reason for participating in the HBF Run that is very different to most.

Her reason is ‘truth’. Having met many challenges in her life, she says without the enthusiasm and drive to stay true to herself, she would not be the confident, happy and content person she is today.

As an ambassador for Run for a Reason this year, Zoe wants to inspire others to enjoy every element of the Run by being true to themselves and staying grounded in their reason.

“I have been practicing as a psychologist for eight years and have worked in many fields, including private practice, education, rehabilitation, community and family services; encompassing work with individuals, teams, families and entire workplaces,” Zoe says.

Zoe Dimech 2 “I learn so much from others on a daily basis and each person that crosses my path tends to inspire me in some way.

“I am running to inspire others to be true to themselves, to find a reason that will drive them to achieve their best.”

Here are three things Zoe says you can do to prepare in the lead up to the Run – both mentally and physically.

1. Exercise in a way that you actually enjoy. Find ways to get moving that don’t feel like such a chore, and stay consistent.
2. Don’t take yourself too seriously! After all, it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself.
3. Stay focused and inspired by your reason. If you do, you’ll enjoy the preparation just as much as you enjoy Run day.