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Is this HBF Run's most dedicated participant?

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Monique smiling at the camera

Monique Scott’s reason is inspiring in a quiet, relatable way

She doesn’t have a dramatic tale to tell, but her story is no less significant.

A mother of two, working full-time and training for triathlons on the weekends, Monique is impressive in her dedication.

How does she do it?

“I wake up very early,” says Monique, “I get it done and dusted, I feel good, then I can get on with my day.”

Although, she admits, it’s not always easy.

“Getting older and becoming a parent definitely changes the way you think about exercise, you have less time for yourself.”

For Monique, overcoming this obstacle starts with identifying a passion and setting aside time for it.

“First of all, you have to find that one thing that motivates you to get up in the morning and do something for yourself. For me, it’s running.”

Community events are also a big part of Monique’s life because they give her “something to strive for”.

Whether it’s walking a 4km as a family day out, or doing a half marathon as a personal challenge, Monique always has a target to aim for.

She finds that this helps keep her accountable.

“People start asking ‘how’s your training going,’ which is great motivation to stay on track,” says Monique.

“Make sure your family and friends are on board, too,” she adds, “and ask for their support.”

Monique acknowledges that she couldn’t have achieved her fitness milestones without her partner’s support and readiness to “tag-team” their responsibilities at home.

Setting an example for her boys is another motive for hitting the pavement.

“I think it’s really important that they see me out there running or cycling or taking part in events like HBF Run for a Reason,” she says.

“I like bringing them up in that environment, so that they know being active is just ‘what we do’.”

Having brought her sons along to HBF Run for a Reason every year since they were born, the event is now a family tradition!

A 10-year Run Hero herself, Monique has walked the 4km while heavily pregnant, pushed her kids along in a pram, achieved a PB in the 12km, smashed the half marathon and volunteered multiple times.

Monique is proof that you can make the HBF Run whatever you want it to be!