Arthur finds his flexibility


Over the course of a year, 84 year old Arthur Johnson has come a long way – literally.

This time last year, Arthur never thought he’d be flexible enough to tie up his shoe laces, let alone be signing up for the Run for a Reason.

His new-found fitness and flexibility is thanks to HBF Fitness, our eight-week fitness program that takes place in Spring, Summer and Autumn – and is free for HBF members and HBF Run for a Reason participants.

Arthur says, “A while ago I couldn’t tie my laces up or put my socks on independently, but after joining HBF Fitness I have gotten back some self-esteem and confidence.”

“My fitness has improved across the board, so I thought I would extend to Run for a Reason!”

“I’ve never looked back since joining HBF Fitness and I really enjoy the sessions. It’s a fun and dynamic way to exercise, no matter what your age or fitness level,” he added.

Arthur, who is a retired boiler maker will be walking the 4km route at the Run for a Reason on 27th May.

Photographer: Jon Hewson – Community News