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Help create something better

Join thousands of other Western Australians who have raised millions of dollars for health charities and helped bring hope and change. 

Fundraising - as easy as 1, 2, 3

Create a fundraising page

Create your personalised fundraising page in minutes. Choose your cause and fundraising target and give yourself the best chance of hitting your goal by sharing your reason, photos and remember to update the page to keep your supporters excited about your target.

Your friends and family can easily donate to your page using the 'Give Now' button and leave a message of support for you at the same time!   They can also share your page on social media to get your message out further.

Create a fundraising page

Make a one-off donation

If you'd prefer, you can make a one-off donation.  Choose one of our feature charity partners or choose your favourite health charity. 

Simply search from the many charities to find a cause that you would like to support. Once you've donated, spread the word about your chosen charity by sharing your donation with your friends and family - and encourage them to donate as well.

Donate now

Your reason, your charity, your way 

You can make a difference by donating or fundraise for your chosen health charity. Whatever your reason, however much you can raise, it all contributes to something bigger.

The choice is yours. 

Highest Individual Fundraiser

The entrant that records the highest level of fundraising will receive a $250  The Athlete’s Foot shoe voucher and a $250 donation to the Entrant’s choice of charity.

Terms and conditions apply

Become an affiliated charity

Are you a WA health related charity? Send us an email at and we can provide you with more information on how to become affiliated with HBF Run for a Reason. 

Charities can't be added by participants wanting to raise funds for a charity. Charities must organise this by contacting HBF Run for a Reason directly and then getting set up through Everyday Hero.

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