Start area

HBF Run start area

All courses start on the corner of Hay Street and William Street, right in the heart of the CBD.

Start times

You should aim to arrive at least 45 minutes before your event so you have enough time to find your start group and use the bag drop services if needed.

Snap Fitness Half Marathon

Start Time Arrive By
6.45am 6.00am

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Blackmores 12km

Start Group Start Time Arrive By
A 8.00am 7.15am
B 8.05am 7.20am
C 8.10am 7.25am
D 8.15am 7.30am
E 8.20am 7.35am

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Commonwealth Bank 4km

Start Group Start Time Arrive By
A 9.00am 8.15am
B 9.05am 8.20am
C 9.10am 8.25am
D 9.15am 8.30am
E 9.20am 8.35am

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You'll have an allocated start area that corresponds to the colour of your participant bib.

Start map

Map - HBF Run start area