HBF Run for a Reason public transport

Getting there

Your bib is also your ticket to free public transport to and from the event. Just make sure your bib is visible to the driver or station staff. 


The following trains will operate to the event. Stopping at all stations to Perth or Perth Underground. For more information visit Transperth

Armadale Line

Departs ArmadaleArrives Perth Station
5.26 am6.05 am
6.08 am6.47 am
6.19 am6.58 am
6.31am7.10 am
6.41 am7.20 am
6.53 am7.32 am
7.04 am7.43 am
7.15 am7.54 am

Midland Line

Departs MidlandArrives Perth Station
5.35 am6.00 am
6.30 am6.55 am
6.40 am7.05 am
6.50 am7.15 am
7.00 am7.25 am
7.10 am7.35 am
7.20 am7.45 am
7.30 am7.55 am

Fremantle Line

Departs FremantleArrives Perth Station
5.34 am6.02 am
6.30 am6.58 am
6.40 am7.08 am
6.50 am7.18 am
7.00 am7.28 am
7.10 am7.38 am
7.20 am7.48 am
7.30 am7.58 am

Thornlie Line

Departs ThornlieArrives Perth Station
7.01 am7.24 am
7.16 am7.39 am
7.46 am8.09 am

Joondalup Line

Departs ButlerDeparting ClarksonArrives Perth Underground
5.23 am5.28 am6.00 am
5.38 am5.43 am6.15 am
6.05 am6.10 am6.42 am
6.12 am6.17 am6.49 am
6.19 am6.24 am6.56 am
-6.30 am7.02 am
6.31 am6.36 am7.08 am
-6.42 am7.14 am
6.43 am6.48 am7.20 am
-6.53 am7.25 am
6.54 am6.59 am7.31 am
-7.04 am7.36 am
7.05 am7.10 am7.42 am
7.11 am7.16 am7.48 am

Mandurah Line

Departs MandurahDeparting CockburnArrives Perth Underground
5.06 am5.39 am5.57 am
5.20 am5.53 am6.11 am
5.53 am6.26 am6.44 am
6.01 am6.34 am6.52 am
6.08 am6.41 am6.59 am
-6.47 am7.05 am
6.19 am6.52 am7.10 am
-6.57 am7.15 am
6.29 am7.02 am7.20 am
6.35 am7.08 am7.26 am
-7.14 am7.32 am
6.46 am7.19 am7.37 am
-7.25 am7.43 am
6.57 am7.30 am7.48 am


Some services to buses are disrupted by the road closures required for the event. Please visit Transperth to check your service and any disruptions by clicking here.


Warm up your legs by cycling to the start area. There’s secure public bike parking available in the CPP Elder Street Car Park, on the corner of Elder Street and Murray Street. 


With large volumes of people and some road closures, we’re encouraging participants to take public transport to the event. Public transport is the quickest and easiest way of getting to the start line stress-free and on time. It's also free, just show your event bib!

CPP Elder Street Car Park (490 Murray St) will be open from 5am and is offering a discount flat rate of $10 for all HBF Run for a Reason participants who enter the car park before the race.

View road closures. 


A spectator shuttle bus service is available on Event Day for spectators wishing to travel to Gloucester Park to meet family and friends. Buses will depart from the Perth City Busport from 8.30am, please follow signage where dedicated departure points will be clearly marked.

Bag drop options

Everything you need to know about what to do with your personal belonings on event day. 

Two girls running across the finish line