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Getting there

While we recommend public transport, there are a variety of different ways you can get to the event.

For your convenience, we have listed some information on the options below.

Public transport

This is the easiest way to get to and from the HBF Run for a Reason.

Show your participant bib to travel on all Transperth services on event day up to 3pm at no cost.

The following trains will operate to the event stopping at all stations to Perth or Perth Underground.

Joondalup Line
Departing Butler Arriving Perth
Underground Station
5.23am 6.00am
5.38am 6.15am
6.04am 6.41am
6.12am 6.49am
6.19am 6.56am
6.30am* 7.02am
6.31am 7.08am
6.42am* 7.14am
6.43am 7.20am
6.53am* 7.25am
6.54am 7.31am
7.04am* 7.36am
7.05am 7.42am
7.11am 7.48am
8.11am 8.48am
8.26am 9.03am

*Departing Clarkson Station

Mandurah Line
Departing Mandurah Arriving Perth
Underground Station
5.06am 5.57am
5.20am 6.11am
5.52am 6.43am
6.00am 6.51am
6.08am 6.59am
6.18am 7.09am
6.29am 7.20am
6.36am 7.27am
6.46am 7.37am
6.57am 7.48am
7.03am 7.54am
7.12am 8.03am
7.19am 8.10am
7.27am 8.18am
7.42am 8.33am
7.57am 8.48am
8.12am 9.03am

Fremantle Line
Departing Fremantle Arriving Perth
5.34am 6.02am
6.30am 6.58am
6.40am 7.08am
6.50am 7.18am
7.00am 7.28am
7.10am 7.38am
7.20am 7.48am
7.30am 7.58am
7.45am 8.13am
8.00am 8.28am
8.30am 8.58am

Armadale Line
Departing Armadale Arriving Perth
5.26am 6.05am
6.08am 6.47am
6.18am 6.57am
6.31am 7.10am
6.41am 7.20am
6.53am 7.32am
7.04am 7.43am
7.15am 7.54am
7.26am 8.05am
7.45am 8.24am
8.15am 8.50am
8.30am 9.09am

Thornlie Line
Departing Thornlie Arriving Perth
7.01am 7.24am
7.16am 7.39am
7.46am 8.09am
8.16am 8.39am
8.35am 8.58am

Midland Line
Departing Midland Arriving Perth
5.35am 6.00am
6.30am 6.55am
6.40am 7.05am
6.50am 7.15am
7.00am 7.25am
7.10am 7.35am
7.20am 7.45am
7.30am 7.55am
7.45am 8.10am
8.00am 8.25am
8.30am 8.55am

For more information visit Transperth - Run for a Reason.


There will be very limited parking in and around the Perth CBD due to road closures. If you need to drive in on the day, City of Perth Parking is pleased to offer participants and spectators $10 parking at Elder Street Carpark. 

To find out more visit City of Perth Parking.

*Valid 27/05/18 between 5am and 5pm for single entry/exit. General carpark T&Cs apply.

Drop off and drive areas

The best drop off and drive points are Wellington Street or Milligan Street.

Bicycle racks

Secure, public bike parking is available at the City of Perth's Elder Street Carpark.

Parking is 20 cents per hour, please see City of Perth Parking for more information.

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus service will transfer participants from Hale Street (Gloucester Park) back to the Perth Busport (Wellington St). We will also be operating a spectator shuttle from Perth Busport to Gloucester Park starting from 7.00am, transferring spectators to the finish line.